“An intriguing whodunit. Makes excellent use of Castleman’s in-depth knowledge of his adopted city. Sure pacing with vivid evocation of the world of journalism. Racy sex scenes.” —Publishers Weekly

“In this race against time and the killer, Castleman captures San Francisco in all its glory.” —Library Journal

“Castleman writes skillfully, with humor ... [with] fascinating history.” —Kirkus

Death Caps serves up murder, media power brokers, real-world marital issues, and San Francisco history—with plenty of sex. What’s not to love? —
Linda Peterson, Edited to Death

The biggest mystery of all is how Michael Castleman can, in one novel, create characters that jump off the page and follow you around; open undiscovered chapters of San Francisco history; make you root for a complex marriage to succeed, and—most amazingly—keep you turned on while you’re turning the pages. It’s irresistible.
Meredith Maran, author of Class Dismissed and Boy Girl Boy Girl.

Death Caps serves up a deliciously complex main-dish mystery with extra courses to die for: dreamy sensuality, full-bodied characters, an endearing and intrepid sleuth, and memorable slices of San Francisco history. It’s a great read!
Judy Irving, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

“One thing you need in a good murder mystery is a good murder. Michael Castleman delivers—on page two. Just as you start to catch your breath, more bodies fall. The other thing you need is a plot so tangled that you can't pry the book from your hands. Again, Castleman delivers—Death Caps is a page-turner. I couldn’t stop. I had to keep going. And I’m glad I did.”
Bill Yenne, Raptor Force